Step 1: Download & installed on your PC: Click on the Mirc.exe icon to start the program. Always hide the first little windows with the picture of the creator of mIRC.
  Step 2 : The first time you open mIRC, you will see this Option screen.
Fill in your full name, email address, the nickname you want, and an alternative, in case someone is already using that nickname. Click 'Add' once you are done filling out this information.
  Step 3 Setup your server and port

fill the following screen like this. IRC server :

then click on 'Add' button

  Step 4 Connect to the server.
Now you are ok just remarks that alternative must be different than nick name -:-) so you change it and click the connect button
  Step 5 Once you connect, you will see the following screen, including the list of templated channels.

type #alsace as the Name of Channel to Join, and click the Join button. Go directly to step 7.

OR Better: You can instead click the Add button, which will add the #alsace channel in your Channel folder list. And you can delete any of the channels in that list you don't think you'll be interested in joining.

  Step 6 If you want to record the Alsace chat in your Channel folder list:
Fill in Channel and Description, click Auto-Join, and then click OK.
  Step 7 Finally, click on the Join button. Welcome to the #alsace chat! If you haven't chosen to auto-join on connection, just type /join #alsace after you connect to Enjoy!